About me

G'day, I'm David, a.k.a. toonarmycaptain, toonarmy, toon. toonarmycaptain is a handle I adopted in the mid 90's when I needed a unique email address, and that's what I came up with.
Yes, I barrack for Newcastle Utd.

I'm a man of rather eclectic interests, coming to the world of code via several years of unrelated and un-graduated university studies, healthcare, and K12 education, embarking on a career in tech. I love python's syntax, enjoy solving problems, and writing robust, extensively tested code.

I am one of the organisers of PyTexas, a regional Python conference held annually, this year in Austin, TX, and am frequently in attendance at PyTexas' monthly online meetup.

Presently I am engaged in some contracting work, but am open to new opportunities.
Recent engagements have involved kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Podman, Strapi, MSSQL, Postgres, SQLite, Salt, SQLAlchemy, Flask, FastAPI, and deployment on various cloud providers.